LIGHTS. Camera. Action!

You can’t have a polished look and feel without great lighting. It’s the first ingredient in the visual arts. Whether you are video recording, virtually hosting or are back in the live event space, contact our professional lighting team today for the latest solutions in event lighting.

From lighting special events like concerts, professional speaking engagements, tented events and weddings, Optimum Audio lighting team can help you achieve your full vision and bring your event to life!

Our lighting services include turn-key production, concept development, pre-visualization, programing, live show operation, and project management. Our lighting inventory includes a wide range of high-quality LED and conventional fixtures, stage wash effects, theatre control systems, and atmospheric special effects equipment. 

Common Event Package Solutions:

Basic Stage Wash for Video

Lighting package that illuminates the entire stage area to allow presenters to be seen clearly by live audiences and/or enhance the quality of video recordings. Packages includes all necessary lighting instruments, A/C power cable, DMX cable, dimmers, and lighting console. Suitable any size venue.

Basic Uplighting

Lighting package that provides colored uplighting for a venue. Uplighting can be used to highlight architectural features, banners, drape, and/or the wall behind stage. Color(s) can be set by client in advance. Includes all necessary equipment, cable, and control systems.

Basic Ambiance Lighting

Lighting package to create colored and patterned lighting effects in any space. Color can be set by client. Includes all necessary equipment, cable, and control systems.

In House Supplemental Lighting

Lighting packages designed to supplement existing in-house lighting system with additional lighting instruments. Includes ladder for access and all necessary equipment, cable, and control systems.

Lectern Accent Lighting

Lighting package that improves light quality around the lectern, allowing guests to see the speaker better and the speaker to see their notes. Includes all necessary equipment, cable, and control systems.