Sound. Sight. Light. Action!

Optimum Audio professionally records all types events, notably academic lectures, speeches, press conferences and town hall style meetings using the latest HD technologies. Our production team and camera crew operators will customize any footage to meet your needs, from a single camera static shot, to a multi camera switched shoot. We will add opening title slides, lower thirds, slide and video playback, captioning and translation services and prepare them for streaming, broadcast and distribution.

Video recordings are only as good as they are lit. And harsh overhead lights, fluorescent tubes and contractor grade ceiling fixtures just don’t cut it for the camera. We strongly recommend adding a supplemental lighting package to all video recordings to properly showcase the event and to ensure a high quality solution.

We also provide professional event photography services as needed. From behind the scenes pictures and authentic candid shots, to professional stage photos and social media promotion. A photographer’s eye can capture your event’s most exciting moments and can be added to your overall event package.

All video and photo footage will be shared with in 5 business days following the event. Expedited services are available.

Why should I video record my event?

  • Archival Footage & Event Replay
  • Future Event Marketing & Promotion
  • Live Streaming Broadcast
  • Stage wash lighting for video and photo enhancement