From weddings to university lecture series, from solo acoustic performances to full band shows, Optimum Audio has you covered. No more worries.

Optimum Audio specializes in complete event media coordination. You tell us what kind of event it is, we’ll take care of all the audio/visual aspects so you can focus your attention elsewhere.

Coordinating all the components to make your event sound and look fantastic can be an overwhelming task in itself: who will provide a projector that will project large enough for my room? How do I light the stage for a professional looking video? What size of sound system should I get for my event location? Let us answer those questions for you… and not just some of them. All of them!

We pride ourselves in providing professional-grade equipment and top-notch sound engineers, tech “gurus”, and lighting technicians that will make your event absolutely sparkle.


Live Sound Reinforcement

Live Sound Reinforcement

Make your presentation heard. Great sound is a nuance. The traditional approach is to throw a couple of speakers in the corner, turn the system all the way up, and walk away. Or, assign someone to be the designated “volunteer sound person” for the event. It causes you stress; it causes the volunteer stress. Does your volunteer know why a microphone feeds back at top volume? More importantly, does your volunteer know how to fix it? Does the volunteer know how to trouble shoot a sound system if something isn’t working? It’s our job to know the answers to all of those questions and many more. You’ve put together a fantastic event… let your best efforts shine and hire a professional to run the show!

Stage Lighting

Atmospheric Lighting

Make your presentation seen. Much like great sound amplification, proper lighting creates a feeling. It helps set the mood of the presentation and evokes emotion from the audience.

Beyond aesthetic reasons, proper lighting serves a very practical need. The stage is the focus of the event. Proper lighting helps create that focus, illuminates the presenter, and attracts the audience’s attention.

Proper lighting is also key for video recording: it’s used in professional film and stage… why wouldn’t you use it for your presentation?

Special Requests

Special Requests

Sometimes events require a step beyond the usual. Let Optimum Audio handle those special requests that will take your event to the next level.

Here’s just an example of some requests that Optimum Audio successfully fulfilled: live audio streaming from event to internet; closed captioning services for hearing impaired audiences; foreign language translation services for lecture series panelists.

Many Types of Events

Types of Events

No matter what your event might be, Optimum Audio has the expertise to provide the best quality service you will find anywhere. Period.

  • Meetings
  • Lecture Panels
  • Solo Acoustic Acts
  • Big Band (40+ piece)
  • Weddings
  • DJs
  • Religious Services
  • Festivals
  • Fairs