Partner with an experienced, reliable and knowledgeable team for your audio-visual installation and integration.

As a dealer in many brands of professional sound and video equipment, we are updated regularly on new innovations and techniques. As a licensed contractor, Optimum Audio adheres to all applicable codes and carry applicable insurances.

We firmly believe that effective use of audiovisual equipment in your presentations is paramount to success. We will combine the best equipment suited for your project at the most competitive price.

Noise Reduction

Having an event in a large room or a high ceiling venue can prove to be quite difficult for a sound system. It’s because these large rooms have hard reflective walls and floors, such as concrete block, so there is need for noise reduction.

Our solution is to provide noise reduction materials that can add sound absorption in order to reduce reverberation (echo) within the room. Adding noise control products such as hanging baffles or wall panels will increase speech intelligibility and reduce ambient noise during events. This practice creates greater usage of the room.

These sound absorption materials should be planned into the design of the venue. They can, however, be added as a retrofit application as the need for noise reduction within the facility is addressed.


Optimum Audio helps houses of worship with vital audio-visual tasks.

  • Provide sound for musical instruments, praise bands, vocalists, ministers and speakers.
  • Use audio-visual elements effectively in services.
  • Enhance sights and sounds for equal coverage from the front to back pew or row.
  • Work within budgets.
  • Record services and ceremonies for keepsakes, broadcasts and sharing.
  • Stream services on web and mobile platforms.
  • Handle acoustic challenges and eliminate dead zones.
  • Help members through listening devices.
  • Manage energy-efficient stage lighting.
  • Train volunteers to use equipment

Schools & Universities

Optimum Audio provides schools with audio-visual systems that meet the highest standards.

  • Provide integrated systems for each classroom that promote interaction and boost student performance.
  • Use audio-visual elements effectively in school assemblies and events.
  • Work within the budget.
  • Manage energy-efficient stage lighting.
  • Train teachers and staff for efficient use of equipment.
  • Enhance sights and sounds with clear signals and correct equipment placement.

Hotels, Concert Venues & Theatres

Hotels, casinos, convention & conference centers, concert venues, theatres, arenas & stadiums have a wide variety of audio-visual needs. Whether a small or large venue, quality sound and lighting is of utmost importance.

Optimum Audio has the experience and equipment to install the audio-visual system you need to showcase your venue at its best.

Services we Provide:

  • Complete audio, video, & lighting systems
  • Wireless microphones
  • Line arrays
  • Assistive listening systems
  • Digital signage
  • Audio video distribution
  • Projectors & projection screens
  • Outdoor speakers
  • Paging systems
  • Interactive displays
  • Video walls
  • Theatrical & broadcast lighting
  • Video switchers
  • Live streaming
  • Touch panel control