Optimum Audio. Optimum Sound.

In the simplest terms, we set up microphones and speakers to be used during live events to amplify instruments or voices. Perhaps even more importantly, we provide the experts to go with them. Audio Engineering is our roots. Every event includes a sound engineer team to ensure a smooth and successful event!

Optimum Audio services all of types of events and for a variety of reasons. Maybe it is a music recital with a vocalist who will need to be heard over the band. Or it’s your the lead on a TED style talk or Keynote address to a large audience. Your chairing a charitable fundraiser and want to ensure guests will hear, pay attention and DONATE during the live auction. You are a master with a video camera but want the sound quality to be as good as your footage. Or perhaps you simply want to record your seminar for training and archival use.

Not sure exactly what you need? No problem. We know event technology and production can be confusing. We are happy to help you navigate your event scope and do our best to work with your budget to meet your goals.

We can customize any audio package for your event depending on the location and venue parameters and ultimately meet your event goals. Our sound systems will meet and exceed any technical rider specifications.

Our professional team of audio engineers and technicians will do all of the installation, testing and management in the venue and with work with your guest speakers, program and set levels, and make adjustments throughout the event to ensure optimum sound.

Common Audio Services

  • Microphone Packages
    • Wireless Handheld Microphones
    • Lavalier Microphones
    • a Capella Microphones
    • Wired Panel Microphones
  • PA Systems
    • Stage Monitors
    • Line Arrays
    • Outdoor Speakers
  • Press Mult Boxes for Video Recordings
  • Event Audio Recordings

Your event needs to be heard!

PANEL DISCUSSION: Equipment and support package for moderated panel discussions with audience Q&A.

MULTI-PARTICIPANT MEETING: Equipment and support when many (or every) participant needs a microphone.

PRESS CONFERENCE: Complete equipment and onsite support package for a press conference anywhere

OUTDOOR SOUND AMPLIFICATION: Speaker systems and onsite support services for outdoor event amplification.

MEETING ROOM: Full equipment & support for classroom-style room layouts from 50-1,000+ attendees

BANQUET ROOM: Audio equipment and onsite support for seated meal banquet-style room layouts.

PRIVATE DINING: Microphone & speaker packages for small dinner meetings, sales presentations, and pharma.

OPEN or TENTED EVENT SPACE: Sound packages for experiential events, cocktail receptions and open-layout event spaces.